Nail Fungus

Toenail Fungus

Kill the problem once and for all with our targeted IPL and laser treatment for toenail fungus using the Harmony XL Pro machine from Alma. This utilizes light energy beams to create heat in short bursts. The energy is narrow and targeted specifically to the affected areas. The beams treat fungus at the source below the nail plate. Microsecond pulses of light energy are set on high repetition to gradually heat and completely kill all trace of fungal organisms.

Is it Safe?
Absolutely! This FDA-cleared laser treatment for toenail fungus is virtually painless. It can be used to treat a single nail or multiple affected areas for both toenails and fingernails. As a patient, you will probably feel nothing during the short treatment other than a comfortable sense of warmth. The energy works beneath the nail plate therefore the surface of the skin and nail is unaffected. The treatment creates sub-dermal heating that destroys the fungus.
How Does The Treatment Work?
Most over-the-counter treatments become less and less effective as fungus symptoms increase. Topical treatments cannot effectively pass through the nail plate, especially after it thickens and hardens. However, the Harmony XL Pro’s Dye-PL and LP-YAG technology targets beneath the surface for immediate effects and lasting results.
How Many Treatments Will I Need?
You can enjoy immediate results after just one short treatment with less yellowing and improved skin texture around the nail. Most cases require up to 5 or 7 sessions, but each session is very short. Conveniently, this treatment is an outpatient procedure with absolutely no downtime. Come in for treatment during your lunch break and you can immediately get back to work with no symptoms!
Treatment Cost
£100 per nail per treatment
Please note we require a written note from your GP confirming that what you have is nail fungus prior to treatment beginning.


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