Brow Techniques

Powdered and Ombré Brows

Powdered and Ombré brows are perfect if you want a finish resembling the look of a soft makeup application. Adding definition the ‘powder brow’ looks similar to the effect that eyebrow powder makeup products and pencils create. It’s the ideal look for those who want a longer lasting, waterproof solution or to reduce their daily makeup application time. This style can be incredibly soft and subtle for those just wanting to give their natural brows a little boost or it can be built up to a stunning powerful fashion brow for those who want a more powerful exact brow shape.
The powder technique is longer lasting and fades more evenly on the skin than some other techniques, the fresh result softens but is generally retained.
The Powdered Ombré is often the most effective technique to correct older permanent makeup that may have discoloured or if the shape needs adjusting.

Combination Brow

A combination of Hair Stroke and Powdered may be the best option for you, often this is the best option for those with oilier skin or who have had previous work that may need correcting or covering.


In recent years, Microblading has become a buzz-word in the beauty industry, becoming one of the most popular brow treatments available. Microblading is a hand method of permanent makeup, using a pencil like hand tool instead of a machine. It is almost the same as using a flat-ended (not a sharp ended) eyebrow pencil to scratch individual hair strokes into the skin creating a natural look fluffy looking eyebrow. Find out more about our Microblading.


Microblading, Powdered Ombré, Combination and Microblading techniques to give long-lasting brow enhancement. First treatment includes two sessions 4 weeks apart.

First Treatment £400
Up to 12 months touch up £210
Up to 18 months touch up £280
After 18 months £400

Microblading at Cannelle Medispa Oxford

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