LDN Skins Tanning Oxford and Henley

Faking it for Pale Skin

We are always pleased to see our Tanning treatments become extremely popular at our Oxford and Henley salons in the summer. Not only because that means business is booming but also because it means we are helping you guys with safe tanning! Today we are much more aware of the risks from harmful UVA and Read More


Want to maximise your facial by choosing the right home skincare products?

Decleor’s huge and growing success is based around a fairly simple idea; combining of an aromessence (serum) with a moisturiser for day time skin care. Just a few drops of the 100% pure elixir of Essential Oils – massaged gently into skin in the morning – helps rebalance your complexion as well as dramatically increase Read More


Biosculpture Gel Bohemiem Beauty

‘Shellac’, ‘BioSculpture’, ‘GELeration’, ‘3 week manicures’, when researching gel polish manicures, a plethora of brand names and strap lines are out there influencing your decision. We all want to feel we are getting a good price but at what cost? Rock bottom pricing can mean sacrificing the health of your nails…and your safety! A couple Read More