Faking it for Pale Skin

LDN Skins Tanning Oxford and Henley

LDN Skins Tanning Oxford and HenleyWe are always pleased to see our Tanning treatments become extremely popular at our Oxford and Henley salons in the summer. Not only because that means business is booming but also because it means we are helping you guys with safe tanning!

Today we are much more aware of the risks from harmful UVA and UVB rays and consequently faking it is a great way to get that sun kissed glow without exposure to the sun’s rays.
But, if you have particularly pale skin, careful application of fake tan is a must to avoid dark patches, going too orange or too streaky and we get lots of clients asking us if our LDN :SKINS tanning treatment is suitable for pale skin.

The answer is yes!

LDN: SKINS gives a gorgeous glowing colour and smells good too! So if you want to avoid risking streaks, smudges and patchiness then go for a pre-holiday professional tan application and then remember to exfoliate regularly (usually within 4-6 days of the application) to maintain a smooth tan as it fades or as you gently and safely sunbathe (always use at least SPF 30!) on holiday.

Our client before and after LDN:SKINS tanning treatment.