Estime & Sens Mens Treatments


  • At least 95% of ingredients are natural and of natural origin
  • At least 95% of the plant ingredients are from Organic farming.
  • At least 10% of all ingredients are from Organic farming.

HUMAN FACIAL Duration: Duration 55 minutes

Tailor-made treatment adapted to the characteristics of men’s skin, it is introduced by a back massage to release muscle tension.

Human Facial Steps:
back massage (using essence of esteem sport) - cleanse - tonic scrub (E&S exfoliating nectar without particles can be used for sensitive skin) - express moisture mask - facial massage - customisation with concentrate solution - restorative mask + scalp massage - face serum & protection cream application.

Price: £68 * OCTOBER SPECIAL ONLY £60 *


SPORTS RECOVERY TREATMENT - Duration : 45 minutes

Relaxing, detoxifying and soothing body massage to promote muscle recovery after exercise. The muscles of the body are « heated » by kneading, stretching and smoothing in order to allow the tired body to regain its vitality.

The objective of this treatment is to relax the muscles involved by restoring them to their initial tone.

Price: £75 * OCTOBER SPECIAL ONLY £70 *

Estime Mens Treatments