Summertown Beauty Business Wins Best Beauty Salon 2016

Summertown Beauty Business Wins
Best Beauty Salon 2016

Our beauty salon based in Summertown, Oxford has won best Beauty Salon in Oxon and Bucks for the second year running.

Cannelle Beauty was started in Summertown, Oxford twenty years ago by French business woman France Baudet who moved to England with the dream of bringing French beauty therapy to Britain. It has grown from a single therapist with one treatment room to 11 treatment rooms employing 15 members of staff with a second salon in Henley-on-Thames.

For two decades France Baudet has seen her business flourish even through the tough recession years of 2008 onwards her focus has remained the same. “My aim was to share the French obsession with well-being and beauty salons in England! Twenty years on we have two salons, over 4000 regular clients, 20% of whom are male” France continues “When I moved to England back in 1997 beauty salons and hollistic well-being were already a regular part of many women’s regular routine in France. In the UK however facials, professional skincare, body treatments, manicures and pedicures were still seen as a one off treat. In Oxford there was only one existing salon when I arrived, in France a town of that size would have had four or five. I brought the French passion, quality products and specialised knowledge to create a small world of French beauty in Oxford that people could enjoy and benefit from regularly.”

This year Cannelle Beauty has stormed to first place beating scores of other beauty salons in a competition to find the best of Oxfordshire's businesses, run by National journalist (Independent on Sunday, Observer, Red, Marie Claire, Elle, The Telegraph) Hero, whose blog Muddy Stilettos is followed by fifty thousand people across the UK. In 2015 Cannelle Beauty also won Best Beauty Salon in the Oxon and Bucks area.

Muddy Stiletto’s Hero said:

The French flair is a beautiful part of Cannelle and a fabulous investment in Oxfordshire lifestyles. As well as standard facials, manicures & pedicures they have exceptional expertise and experience in more advanced treatments such as laser hair removal, skin tightening, rejuvenation and fixing skin problems.Muddy Stiletto's