Estime & Sens Body Treatments


  • At least 95% of ingredients are natural and of natural origin
  • At least 95% of the plant ingredients are from Organic farming.
  • At least 10% of all ingredients are from Organic farming.

SPORTS RECOVERY TREATMENT - Duration : 45 minutes

Relaxing, detoxifying and soothing body massage to promote muscle recovery after exercise. The muscles of the body are « heated » by kneading, stretching and smoothing in order to allow the tired body to regain its vitality.

The objective of this treatment is to relax the muscles involved by restoring them to their initial tone.

Price: £75 * OCTOBER SPECIAL ONLY £70 *


Improves blood and lymphatic exchanges thanks to lymphatic drainage techniques, as well as foot reflexology manoeuvres. Following the massage, the white clay body wrap works with the essence of estime slimming booster and multi-area 24H slimming cream to give visible results:

  • Improved blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Dissociation of accumulations of fatty deposits
  • Improved skin aspect, reduced fatty deposits

Recommended 8 to 12 sessions, with 2 sessions a week.

Price: £120 - OCTOBER SPECIAL ONLY £100!
Course of 3 £335

ABSOLUTE SOFTNESS FACE & BODY TREATMENT - Duration 1hr 30 minutes £115

This treatment is a moment of total relaxation that regenerates both the skin and the mind. This protocol combines skincare performance and overall relaxation.

PERFORMANCE : Intense hydration and nutrition provided by our 2 in 1 Body Scrub, the power of our Essence of Esteem « Absolue douceur », and the quality of our Envelopment Secret Body Wrap.

GLOBAL RELAXATION : Provided by the benefits and the richness of manual techniques inspired by ancestral Swedish and Thai rituals. A deep sensation of muscular relaxation is felt, as well as an overall well-being provided by the pressures which rebalance the body’s energy.


Inspired by the ritual of shiatsu and Californian massage, this global treatment protocol is a real response to the need of well-being and relaxation. It provides:

IMMEDIATE ACTION ON THE BODY : moisturising, softening, nourishing and revitalising.

A SENSATION OF SOOTHING, WELL-BEING AND A TOTAL LETTING GO, provided by the stimulation of many nerve endings.

SUNLIGHT TREATMENT BODY - Duration : 40 minutes

SUNLIGHT TREATMENT FACE & BODY - Duration : 55 minutes

Complete treatment to magnify and prepare the skin before a period of sunshine. This treatment brings light, radiance and prepare the tissues for sun exposure. It prolongs the tan and fights against the harmful effects of the sun on the skin.


A complete body massage with a slow and gentle rhythm that alternates enveloping maneuvers and kansu bowl technique on the hands, feet and upper body.

Providing a deep sense of relaxation to calm your mind, combat stress and regain the energy that contributes to the harmony of your body and mind.