Often dubbed the 'Hollywood Facial', this advanced laser treatment offers Red Carpet worthy results, with skin refreshed, plump, smooth & glowing.

This non-invasive carbon facial treatment gives your skin a new life with little to no
downtime at all.

The unmatched power & advanced laser technology of our new medical-grade Helios III machine allows us to provide unparalleled treatment quality.

The Helios III allows us to safely exfoliate up to four times deeper than a standard skin peel for thoroughly invigorated feeling skin.

Stage 1 Carbon Application
A face mask comprised of activated charcoal and carbon powder is gently applied to your face - it looks similar to a mud mask.
Stage 2 Carbon/Laser Exposure
When the laser is passed over your skin, the energy from the laser is attracted to the carbon elements in the face mask - this destroys the carbon. It clears your pores removing any dirt & debris. During this stage, the laser will also break down any pigmentation in your skin.
Stage 3 Stimulation & Exfoliation
We then switch the laser to Q-switch mode. This allows us to gently exfoliate your skin. During this stage any excess carbon is removed & you may experience a slight tingling sensation. This ‘peeling’ process will exfoliate the upper layers of your skin.
Stage 4 Collagen & Elastin Production
The fourth and final stage ensures all the carbon is removed from the skin, by progressively increasing the frequency of the laser until all carbon traces have been vapourised, to leave it deeply cleansed & glowing.


✓ Remove excess oil and contaminants
✓ Reverse Hyperpigmentation
✓ Improve skin texture
✓ Tighten pores
✓ Reduce acne scaring
✓ Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Boost collagen production
✓ Increase radiance glow, & improved tone