The aesthetics trends to know about for 2022

RF Microneedling & HIFU

Straight from CCR, the UK’s only surgical and non-surgical conference, we bring you the most in-demand cosmetic treatments to plan for this year…

Tatler feature the Focus Dual saying in their skincare trends for 2022...

Radiofrequency plus micro-needling is nothing new - however, a raft of just-launched devices has taken skin-refining to all new heights. Morpheus8 (responsible for Judy Murray’s incredible transformation) is still big news (the recently-launched body applicator reveals newly springy skin in the hands of Dr Selena Langdon). However, if acne scars and wrinkles are your nemesis, Cutera’s Secret® Pro harnesses the power of resurfacing CO2 laser and radio frequency micro-needling to smooth the canvas. Then there’s Lynton’s Focus Dual, which gives skin back its snap via a combination of radio frequency micro-needling and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Prepare to see your tightest skin yet…

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SPMU – the search for a permanent solution that doesn’t look … too permanent!

semi permanent makeup at cannelle medispa, eyeliner and eyebrows

The tide is definitely turning on the cosmetic procedure front. By this, I don’t mean in terms of popularity, injectables and cosmetic procedures are increasingly popular but it is the over-done procedures resulting in extreme facial changes that seem to be falling in popularity (thank goodness). Evidence of over-filled lips, frozen foreheads and severely phoney brows are no longer as prevalent across the socials as they once were. People are opting for long term subtle enhancement rather than pronounced metamorphosis which is, thankfully, a relief all round.

So can clients who wish to enhance certain features - whether for rejuvenation, medical or purely aesthetic purposes - achieve a happy medium where results are (semi) permanent i.e. you do not have to rely on an often intensive daily make up ritual but also subtle enough not to warrant an ‘Oh my god what on earth have you had done?!’ reaction.

The simple answer is yes. When done correctly (and consultation is also KEY to good results here) SPMU treatments (semi-permanent make up - which is pigmentation that fades over time tattooed onto the skin - can beautifully enhance a person’s appearance without zero OTT or OMG levels included!

Biotek warm black lashline enhancement and biotic brow enhancement both by our salon manager Monika.

Find out more about the Semi-permanent make-up treatments available at Cannelle Medispa Oxford by clicking here.

NEW Rosemary Officinalis Range from Decleor

NEW Rosemary Officinalis Range from Decleor - Essential Oil Efficacy - To Clear Imperfections, prevent breakouts & re-balance oil levels.

Rosemary Officinalis Black Facial Cleanser

with salicylic acid and Rosemary essential oil transforms into a soft foam when mixed with water to perfectly cleanse the skin.

Perfect for Oily skin.
Tested on Sensitive skin.
This facial cleansing gel removes impurities leaving the skin purified and mattified.

Directions For Use:
Use Mornings and evenings daily.

Rosemary Officinalis Night Balm - reduces imperfections overnight

Enriched with Rosemary essential oil, this product is designed to rebalance blemish-prone skin. This great night moisturizer for combination to oily skin helps to reduce imperfections such as excess of sebum, visible pores, and the appearance of blemishes.

Rosemary Officinalis White Clay Daily Care - for all-day mattified skin

A specially designed moisturizer for all types of skin including oily skin, the new Rosemary Officinalis White Clay Daily Care is here to keep your skin mattified while staying hydrated. Enriched with Rosemary essential oil, Salicylic Acid & white Clay, it has a significant efficacy on reducing the excess of sebum, blackheads, and breakouts,

DermaQuest Favourites

You can now pay over the phone & collect your skincare products from our salons! We are ‘open’ (for collection) 11-1pm today and every Wed & Fri.
Here’s a summary of our DermaQuest favourites!

💦 DermaQuest C Infusion Cleanser
☀️ Sheer Zinc SPF 30 Really good for acne prone & sensitive skin
💧 Essential B5 Hydrating serum - Bestseller
🌱 CBD Eye Cream
👄 DermaQuest Lip enhancer

DermaQuest facial at home

Our Oxford salon therapist Emilie showing how to do the perfect pre-bed DermaQuest facial at home 💚

Products used:

💦 DermaQuest Delicate Cleansing Cream
💧 DermaQuest Peptide Glycolic Cleanser
💆‍♀️ DermaQuest C infusion TX mask
☀️ DermaQuest Delicate Daily Moisturiser

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You can then collect from our salons Wednesdays & Fridays between 11-1pm or we may be able to deliver to you.